It has been said that it takes four weeks to build a habit, but is it true? Let’s dig into it.
Looking back in history we are creatures of habits, we wake up every morning and brush our
teeth, take a shower, get ready for the day and go on to work or our daily responsibilities. So we
follow the same patterns every day, yet building a new habit is such a difficult challenge for
anyone. Behavioral scientists who study habit information have founded that like the humans
that we are we tend to build or create healthy habits in the wrong way. A great example of this is
the famous New Year’s resolution everyone makes to lose weight, save money, or a new exciting
goal. All goals are great, but without any steps or plans to pursue these goals, it never gets done.
Most of these resolutions fall through just like most attempts to build habits do. One of the main
key things to building a habit is willpower. Willpower builds a lot of self-discipline within
yourself and learning to restore that sense of confidence in yourself that you are capable of doing
anything you set your mind to

Some tips on how to start building/developing a healthy habit:

  1. Start Small – Motivation to start new habits is challenging so to begin them people get
    discouraged when it’s a big change. Start small. For example, if your goal is to lose
    weight and take a walk everyday for 30 minutes or set yourself the goal to drink 3 glasses
    of water everyday. It is all about starting somewhere and most people think you have to
    leap into something huge.

2. Persistence – Following through is so important during this process of building a habit
otherwise it destroys the ability to build this habit. The more often we do something the
easier it becomes to do naturally. You are more likely to stick to small habits quicker
because they are easier to complete but it makes all the journey to the bigger goal easier!

3. Reward Yourself – Just like children after doing something right or accomplishing
something it is important to reward yourself to create that motivation. Even while making
these small steps on your journey to building these habits you can make them pleasant
too. For example, if you’re going for a run listen to your favorite audiobook, if you want
to go for your daily walk invite a friend to join you, watch your favorite cook show while
running the treadmill and so on. The journey to developing a habit can be enjoyable
without you even noticing. So take the time to recognise your efforts and keep moving
forward and make your small goals even bigger each time you finish accomplishing one.
That’s how you become better and better within yourself!

4. Ask for support – As adults we get so preoccupied with work, kids, and responsibilities,
but it is important to speak up and ask for help or support if needed. Building habits for
yourself sometimes requires support from your loved ones or friends and that’s okay.
Whether it’s for someone to babysit for an hour, waking up 30 minutes before everyone
starts their day or have your children join you on your journey on building that habit if it
is possible. Managing your time and asking for support can be helpful to this journey so
don’t be afraid to ask for it.

All things are possible if you set your mind to it. DC Medical Solutions hopes our blog is helpful
and insightful to you and we hope to keep you informed on how to live a healthy lifestyle
through them. Stay safe and healthy!

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