The SARS COVID-19 pandemic has not only overburdened the healthcare system but also dealt with a
huge economic loss around the globe. It is estimated that just in the last three months of COVID-19,
unemployment numbers exceeded the combined figures for the last 3 years. Around 6.2 million
Americans filed for unemployment in February that eventually sored up to a whopping 20.5 million in
According to the statistics released by Families USA, 5.4 million adults have already lost health insurance
and matters are expected to get worse. With our hospitals under severe workload, opting for a cash pay
healthcare system such as Direct patient care under such circumstances when health insurance is not
covering your medical bills. This no insurance healthcare system has been practiced throughout history.
It was the 20th century when health insurance was incorporated in the healthcare system, and the fee-
for-service model was changed.
Moreover, over the years, the direct patient care model provides way more perks that premium
insurances might not cover. These services include personalized care, lab work-up, scheduled physical
examinations, easy appointments, and much more. This is a no insurance healthcare model that
emphasizes on the quality of care provided and the doctor-patient relationship, rather than involving
the patients in the painstaking insurance documentation and hefty sums to be cut from health
The American Academy of Family physicians (AAFP) has recently vouched on moving to a primary-care
based health system where everyone has access to timely and affordable healthcare. They have
emphasized that the healthcare system should account for social detriments, socioeconomic status,
costs, and occupational conditions of patients to design a system that provides healthcare for all.
The academy has advocated incorporating a system of direct patient care, a no insurance healthcare
system that provides cost-effective support for patients with chronic diseases, the building of a
comprehensive relationship between the patient and doctor as well as engaging patients in self-
management, when necessary. Alongside, The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice
highlighted the fact that primary care models like this have very low Medicare spending with improved
quality of care
As a second wave of the COVID-19 virus is already breaking ground in several countries like France,
Poland, and Spain. It is of utmost importance to understand the available options you can go for when
health insurance is not provided. Direct patient care is one such cash pay healthcare system that has
compelling health outcomes and is cost-effective, in the long run.

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