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Our list of Home Health Care providers offers a wide range of care services that can be given in the home for an illness or injury to someone who is elderly, disabled, or otherwise unable to get to a care facility. DC Medical Solutions, as per the advice of the Physicians can arrange Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists (PT), Occupational Therapists (OT), social workers, pathologists, dietitians and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) who are competent to take care of all your medical and non-medical healthcare related needs. We take great pride in extending these services to Armed forces veterans as well

Cash-pay based health providers

We strongly believe in serving people and communities regardless of their age, color, race, origin or nationality. Our special care goes to the elderly and differently-abled population. We provide in house support to all those individuals who need a helping hand to perform their daily activities. This includes mobility assistance, bathing, skincare, meal preparation and much more.

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At DC Medical Solutions, we have the best network of general practitioners, internal medicine specialists, and pediatricians, allowing you to get top care with your cash-pay option healthcare plan. We focus on providing only the best healthcare for you and your family.

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DC Medical Solutions offers the best network of general practice doctors, internal medicine doctors, and pediatrics allowing for premium services on cash-pay options.

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