Over the past years juicing has become huge because it has changed the way we all look at health
because it has introduced a way to indulge it’s amazing benefits while being convenient. Juicing
helps many people with diseases, inflammation, pain and more difficulties we face with our
bodies. Juicing is a great way to fill up on antioxidants and reduce inflammation. Usually people
who suffer from most types of arthritis, including osteoarthritis use juicing as a method because
it maintains their bodies strong and away from any sort of inflammation.

When it comes to pain or discomfort it is almost guaranteed that any person wants to get rid of it
as fast as possible, especially when it comes to back pain. Back pain can be the most painful
discomfort to get rid of or heal because it is an essential part of our body that gets used the most
and very often mistreated. We often might not even notice that we are hurting our back when we
perform certain movements. Unfortunately sometimes we don’t realize that the same movements
that we have been making for years are hurting us, until it becomes so concerning that we have
to see our doctor. So what can we do to help our body before it gets to the point of having to seek
a medical professional for help?
Many people have actually found relief from changing some of their dietary habits and turn to
juicing. According to the “Journal of Health and Public Nutrition,” inflammation can be directly
linked to our immune system and, as we know, our immune system is directly impacted by the
foods that we eat. That is why many people turn to juicing, because it is a great way to take vital
nutrients that we may not get from our favorite foods. Although nothing beats gaining nutrients
directly from consuming a fruit or vegetable, juicing comes in at a close second. For many
people trying to resolve or lessen their inflammatory distress juicing is definitely an easier
solution to consuming fruits or vegetables that they don’t like to consume on a regular basis.

Now, it is a common misconception that throwing any fruit or vegetable in the blender will
automatically be good for you. Each fruit and vegetable has its own unique properties that can
work together to help boost your nutrition, but not all of them can be good for you. Some fruits
can actually cause inflammation rather than help get rid of it. Such as foods that have a high
sugar level, even natural sugars can cause inflammation. The wrong foods paired with wrong
movements can lead to a very difficult lifestyle. That is why it is best to avoid movements listed
below and stick to the list of fruits and vegetables that are known to help fight off inflammation.
The changes that you will experience as a result of juicing will not happen overnight, which is
why it is important to give it time to let your body get used to and absorb the new adjustments. If
you are ever in doubt or the juicing lifestyle isn’t for you, don’t hesitate to consult with a
professional to find the best way to get rid of your back pain.
Other causes of Inflammation in your back can be caused by:
● Low immune system.
● Over use of back muscles
● Strenuous movements
● A bad mattress
● Inflammatory disorders
Fruits & Vegetables that help with Inflammation:
● Grapes
● Tomatoes
● Broccoli
● Avocado
● Strawberries
● Blackberries
● Raspberries
● Blueberries
● Peppers
● Mushrooms
● Cherries


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