Orthopaedic Knee & Shoulder

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Orthopaedic Knee& Shoulder

The surgeons and specialists associated with DC Medical Solutions are committed to providing the best possible shoulder and knee care which the patients need to excel and live a fully functioning happy life. The experienced specialists routinely treat dislocated shoulder, fractures and broken bones, rotator cuff tears, and other tendon problems. The Doctors in our network who specialize in providing knee care have completed extensive training in orthopaedics and can treat a variety of different knee injuries and conditions, whether it’s acute, like an ACL injury, or a chronic condition

Primary Care Process

Our team of doctors provide top-notch treatment in all aspects of care. For emergency situations the medical team focuses on calming down the patient, easing pain and stabilizing the condition until, either the specialist arrives, or they can be transported to the proper medical facility. They screen patients for early signs of chronic diseases, such as heart disease and cancers. Our physicians also encourages patients to take preventive measures regarding their health.

Why Choose DC Medical

Our LOP based Orthopaedic specialists shall approach in diagnosing your problems. We have a team of highly skilled medical professionals delivering a wide range of treatments, procedures and surgical techniques for different conditions and injuries. At DC Medical Solutions we have a team of internationally renowned surgeons who can handle a variety of conditions related to the knee and shoulder.

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