Green tea is considered one of the world’s healthiest beverages, it comes from a plant called ‘Camellia sinensis’.
Green tea has been studied to have many benefits to one’s health. The health benefits of green tea include improve
brain function and mental performance, lower risk of type II diabetes, reduce the risk of high blood pressure, may
stabilize blood sugar levels, better heart health, aid in weight loss, keeps you looking youthful, good skincare, better dental
health, keeps bones strong, reduces depression and prevention and treatment of cancer. Green tea is a better
antioxidant than black tea. Black tea contains certain substances which cannot be found in common green tea,
such as theaflavin. Although green tea does have caffeine, it has a lot less than black tea and coffee. It is highly
recommended that you intake a cup of green tea every now and then! DC Medical solutions encourages you to stay safe
and healthy all the time.

FUN FACT: After a trip to the doctor’s office,
put a wet green tea bag on an
injection site. This is soothing for
children and adults alike.
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