Recently, concierge medicine has been the talk of the town. A lot of people who need better access to a physician are talking about its benefits at large. Concierge medicine has been valuable for old patients and people facing complications in health. This is because complex health issues and senior people need a doctor who would invest time to know them and their health conditions. But why must you invest in a concierge doctor if you are young and healthy? The answer is plain and simple. It is an excellent benefit to get regular health check-ups from the same doctor who knows your medical history. Consider it like taking your car for maintenance or visiting a dentist for teeth cleaning. 

To know more about the benefits of concierge medicine, visit us at DC Medical Solutions today. 

Concierge medicine for patients and physicians

As value-based care and pay-for-performance increase in the healthcare industry, several patients and physicians are looking forward to concierge care. The concierge system is a revolutionary healthcare system that improves the quality of care at lower costs. Concierge medicine has arisen explicitly when the amount and quality of primary care for patients are dwindling. Patients are now looking for alternative healthcare delivery methods to enhance one-on-one communication with doctors. Thus, the demand for a concierge doctor for every patient is consequently on the rise.

The idea behind this proximity among patients and physicians is to let patients have access to their primary doctor at all times needed. Patients have to pay an annual membership fee to grant access to a chosen concierge medicine model. Concierge doctors have a limited set of patients but get more time to address their medical needs and prevent complex health issues. 

Why invest in a concierge doctor?

Concierge care goes beyond standard medical care and brings several benefits with it. An investment made in a concierge doctor is the smartest investment that you can make in your wellness. 

Doctor checking breathing problem of a sick senior woman in hospital. Medical practitioner examining lungs of caucasian in modern clinic dressed in a white coat.

Availability of healthcare made easy

In your busy life, squeezing in a doctor’s appointment requires planning weeks ahead. Even when you schedule an appointment, the wait time can be frustrating. Having access to a concierge doctor means that you not only receive efficient care but also hassle-free appointments. You can have your doctor available over the phone and access concierge care and check-ups without seeing an additional specialist.  

Better examination of your health risks

The more time you spend consulting your concierge doctor, the better you dive into your medical history. It is very much possible that your health issues are linked to your family medical history. Concierge medicine practices will offer more advanced health and physical screening than any other traditional healthcare practice. You will be investing in an early understanding of your health to detect and prevent any complex health issues. 

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One Concierge doctor for your entire family

How many times did you need to consult different doctors for different members of your family? Choosing a concierge doctor allows more efficient and quality care for your whole family from the same doctor. A concierge doctor will have all your family’s medical records in one place besides being well informed of your family’s medical history. Therefore, concierge care will bring considerable benefits to managing your family’s overall health. 

Concierge care is early health insurance

You may be healthy today, but things can change swiftly. When you have a concierge doctor, you have access to concierge medicine. This means that your doctor has sufficient time to investigate the root cause and prevent it from developing further. Treating complex health issues like cancer and diabetes can prove expensive, even with health insurance. When you invest in concierge care, it helps you to avoid costly medical bills in the future by detecting and treating complex diseases early. 

Doctor with a stethoscope in the hands and hospital background.

Could you consult us for concierge care? 

Yes, you can. The concierge medicine model benefits beyond the patient community. It allows doctors to work directly and more carefully with their patients. This is why at DC Medical Solutions, we bring the wholesomeness of concierge care at your disposal. 


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