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Orthopaedic Spine

The orthopaedic specialists working with DC Medical Solutions offer expert, personalized medical care and state-of-the-art surgical procedures to treat a wide range of orthopedics conditions. Our network of spine surgeons are equipped with the latest technology and are known to routinely perform some of the most complex spinal reconstruction and revision surgeries including invasive spine surgery,microdiscectomy, laminectomy, and disc replacement. If it’s determined that you do not need surgery our doctors can also offer you a proliferation therapy, Besides performing surgeries and consulting clients our experts are also involved in research to help advance treatments and better patient outcomes after spine surgery.


We have highly skilled Orthopedic Knee and Shoulder specialists in San Antonio, treating various types of ortho issues. You can be assured that your injury-related problems will be treated with maximum care. Our doctors do accept cash-pay options and will treat your injuries professionally, thanks to their superior training and broad understanding.

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We have highly skilled Orthopedic Knee and Shoulder specialists in San Antonio who specializes in treating all issues relating to your knee and shoulder. Even with a cash-pay option, you can be assured that your injury-related difficulties are treated with utmost care.

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