Pain Management

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Pain Management

In our continuing effort to serve the injured better, the doctors connected with the DC Medical Solutions offer patient-friendly
state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) diagnostic services. The wide range of services includes full-body scanner. The easily
accessible, ergonomically designed extremity scanners allow for maximum patient comfort during the course of the Scan. These superior medical equipment allow the highest-quality MRIs to be completed in a familiar and welcoming environment.

Pain Management Programs

A comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s condition is developed and then a detailed treatment plan is designed. This depends on the complication of the case and the number of treatments prescribed. Every treatment is tailored to the needs and personal objectives of the patient

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Our pain management specialists in San Antonio will provide the best treatment possible while working under your approved LOP. Our pain management specialists perform care within a flexible schedule that will ensure patients will be treated on time.

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